Friday, October 22, 2010

Our New Home

I decided to post a few pictures of our new home. Here is our living room:

Our kitchen is small, but functional.

Dining room:


We also have a big bathroom, and a bedroom and bathroom for Joey. Here is the swimming pool, which is right outside our back door:

I don't plan to use it, but the golf course is across the road:

This is the path to the beach, which is absolutely gorgeous:

It's a little strange to me that our house doesn't have an air conditioner or a furnace, but I'm getting used to the idea, especially since I haven't felt the need for either one yet. Another strange thing is that our washer and dryer are outside, in a little fenced-off outside room. Some houses here have outdoor showers, which is an intriguing idea...

A Most Beautiful Day

Last week we had a most beautiful and longed-for family event. Mindy and Jake and their little daughter Ashlyn were sealed together as a family for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City temple. It was so wonderful to be there with my precious daughter (all of my precious daughters!).

Mindy has married into a great family. I have loved their extended family for many years. Here is the Mike and Ronda branch of the family. I feel so blessed to be related to these good people.

More people I am blessed to be related to: my sisters. All of my sisters were in the temple with us. It meant so much to have them there and I love them SO MUCH!

Here is beautiful Mindy with her two little girls, Rachel and Ashlyn.

Here is the entire crowd. We had such a wonderful day!! I wish I had the words to describe the depth of my happiness at seeing my daughters live the lives that Heavenly Father wants them to live. I am just so proud of them and their husbands and children. I can't even express how much I love them.

What a gorgeous family!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I guess it's time for an update. Sorry I have no pictures to post, but I left my camera in Colorado. When I get it, I'll post pictures.

A week ago, I moved into our new home. It's a two-bedroom condo and it's nice. We have a great swimming pool right outside and a nice patio. Also, we have NO fleas; I did NOT rent the flea-house. There is a great beach within walking distance of home. The walk takes only about ten minutes through the jungle, but it's very steep so it's a workout.

Work is going very well. I am enjoying it so much that I almost feel guilty getting paid. The pace is much slower that at St. Mary's and it's way less stressful. It's like I have all the good things about working with none of the bad, and I'm even getting paid more, too. Can this be real??

The best news of all is that Mindy, Jake and Ashlyn are going to be sealed together this week in the temple. I am so happy and proud of them and I can't wait to see all my family!!!!!