Sunday, June 20, 2010

How He Did It

Joey explained that he was holding the can in his right hand and shot at it with his left hand. The BB went through the can then into his hand. Doesn't that make perfect sense?

Self-Inflicted GSW

What a week this has been. After a couple of really bad days, Mike, Joey and I felt like we needed a get-away. Friday we loaded up the car and went on a picnic. We drove up Unaweep Canyon and found a nice spot by a creek. We ate our picnic and waded a little. It was wonderful. As soon as we arrived home, our friends Danny and Joellen called and said they were heading for their cabin and did we want to come? Even though we had been in the car all day, we still jumped at the chance. We loaded up the 4-wheelers, packed an over-night bag and again headed for the hills.

The cabin was so wonderful. We enjoyed a nice dinner and conversation with dear friends. We slept well, then awoke to a beautiful Saturday morning in the mountains. We took the 4-wheelers on a very long exploration and had the most wonderful time. We were awed by the beauty of the state we live in. Everywhere we looked there were picture-post-card perfect views. It was just heavenly. Joey caught a fish and learned how to clean it and he was so excited to eat it.

While dinner was cooking (steak and fresh fish) Joey went outside to play with the BB gun. A few minutes later he came back in with a hole in the palm of his hand and a BB just under the skin in the back of his hand. The BB had passed all the way through the muscle, but not through the skin. Joey showed me the wound, then passed out on the floor. We quickly loaded everything back up and headed for the ER.

Here is the x-ray of Joey's right hand with a cute little BB inside.

This little bugger is the offending BB. Joey wanted to keep it.

Here is the entrance wound one day after the "incident."

In the ER on Saturday night, the doctor made a small incision in the back of Joey's hand to remove the BB. Here is how it looked on Sunday.

This is the back of Joey's hand with the BB still inside. You can barely see it in the picture, but it was pretty obvious in real life.

This is the entrance wound on Saturday, when we first arrived at the ER.

Here is our little man, waiting to see the doctor.
It all came out okay; Joey is taking some really good antibiotics and resting and his hand is pretty sore. The worst part was that we missed the grilled steak and fresh fish!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Little Farmer

It's that time of year again... when every few weeks the hay lies in windrows in the field, waiting to be baled. Today Joey decided to be a farmer and help out. He hooked the John Deere wagon to the 4-wheeler and headed to the fields.

Here he is with the pitchfork, pitching the hay that the power rake had missed back into the row.

When he was finished, he loaded up his equipment and headed home for dinner. What a great little farmer he is!!

Who Adores Baby Ashlyn?

Who adores baby Ashlyn? I would have to say her mommy does.

Why do we adore her?

Granny Kathy adores her, and so does Great-Grandpa Newell.
Great-Grandma Carol absolutely adores her.

Thanks Mindy and Jake for having this precious baby for us all to love and adore.