Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family Reunion 2009

For Labor Day weekend we went to our family reunion. Each year, my family plans a weekend camping trip together. This year was our 25th anniversary of this tradition. I LOVE IT!! We took our 4-wheelers this year, which added to the fun.
Our grandbaby, Andrew, loved the 4-wheelers.
Our daughters Angela and Jessica enjoyed the outdoors, with Andrew and Mike on the 4-wheeler.
My favorite time was spent holding my precious grandson. I love him so much.
Ryan is such a good daddy. He has fun with his kiddos.
Our first family campout/reunion was in 1984 at Ragged Mountain with about 10 people in attendance. This year I counted 47 people. We really missed those who couldn't come.
I love my family more than anything and I'm so glad we continue this wonderful tradition.