Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday One-Year-Old

Here in Hawaii it is tradition to have REALLY big birthday parties for babies when they turn one year old. When we went to the birthday party for my friend Carol's daughter (see last month's post) I thought it was larger than life since there were about 100 people there for a 9-year-old's party. Carol had rented half of a pizza restaurant.

Now I know that Carol's party for her daughter was nothing compared to the parties people do here for their one-year-olds. Here is an example:

This is posted on the bulletin board at work and we are all invited. In case you can't read the fine print, it says:


Saturday June 11
Kekaha Harbor House

Inflatable Slide
Face Painting
Train Ride
Airbrush Tattoo
Balloon Twisting
Cotton Candy
Shaved Ice
Carnival Games
Happy the Clown


This baby's mama, who is my co-worker, told me that she expects -- you'll never believe how many people -- for this birthday party: EIGHT HUNDRED! That's right, 800 people.
I don't think I even KNOW 800 people, let alone know them well enough to provide a party for them for my baby's birthday.

WOW! Hawaiians sure do know how to have fun!

Incidently, my friend Carol explained where this elaborate party thing came from. She says that traditionally in the Philippines, a large number of babies did not live to see their first birthday, so when they did, it was cause for great celebration. 'Makes sense to me.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Hanalei Surf Riders' Big Win

Today was the last game of the year for Joey's basketball team, the Hanalei Surf Riders. They lost every single game in the regular season. In three games, they lost by only one point. Today was the tournament to end the season and the game was intense. The kids really, REALLY wanted to win just once. They played the Bulldogs and the Surf Riders quickly took a 7 to 0 lead in the first quarter. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs made a comeback, took over the lead and kept it. At the beginning of the fourth quarter the Bulldogs were ahead 17 to 13.

Joey scored the next 4 points. He drove in, cut over to the top of the key, and hit a sweet jump shot. Then he went down, stole the ball on defense, drove in for a lay-up, and tied the game. The crowd went wild (at least Joey's mom did).

The game ended up with this score: Bulldogs 19, Surf Riders 21!!!!!!!

I was so happy I almost cried! The kids were ecstatic! Finally a WIN!

Then the best news of all came. The coordinator of the league announced that the Hanalei Surf Riders had won the trophy for BEST SPORTSMANSHIP of the season! I was so proud of the kids and their coach Blake and their assistant coach, (my honey) Mike.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spinner Dolphins

The other day we went to Kalihiwai beach to hang out for a while. I was surprised to see, just a little ways from shore, spinner dolphins. They were so beautiful. Of course, I hadn't brought my camera so I got these pictures off the internet just to show what spinner dolpins look like. They jump up out of the water and turn somersaults in the air before they go back down. It was thrilling to watch.

We watched them from the beach for a while, then got in our little beetle beach car and drove up to a little cliff looking over Kalihiwai Bay and watched them from there. That was a great vantage point because we were almost directly above them and we could see them really well.

I need to get into the habit of bringing my camera every where we go because every day there is something beautiful to see.