Monday, October 27, 2008

Three Hotties From the Past

Wow! Look at these hotties!! Can anyone guess who they are?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

100 Random Kathy Facts

Okay, since everyone's doing 100 random things, I'll try it, too. Here's a hundred mundane things about Kathy that you never wanted to know (is anybody reading this?):

1. My entire legal name is Kathy; no middle name, no Kathryn, just boring ol' Kathy.

2. When I was a little girl I told people my middle name was Jane because I was embarrassed to not have one and Jane was the first name I thought of.

3. Now I tell people my middle name is Elizabeth because I'm embarrassed to not have one and I love that name.

4. I'm not really embarrassed to not have a middle name.

5. I am 46 years old.

6. I am a Gemini but I don't really believe in that stuff.

7. When I was a child I wanted to be a hermit;

8. Or a scientist;

9. Or a writer.

10. I still want to be a hermit.

11. When I dreamed of being a hermit, I imagined myself living in the mountains in a log cabin with a pet deer.

12. I hate doing my hair and make-up.

13. I can put make-up on in about two minutes flat.

14. I hate the haircut I have right now.

15. I would like to lose 10 pounds.

16. I like food way too much.

17. I'm going to be the bride of Frankenstein for Halloween.

18. I would rather be nurse to a Hispanic pregnant woman than a White one (Hispanic women are really good at labor; they wait until their labor is well advanced before they come to the hospital, they don't carry on like hyenas, they just get down to work and get the job done).

19. I love my family more than anything else in the entire world.

20. I have the best kids who have ever lived or who will ever live on this planet.

21. I have the cutest and best grand kids who will ever live on this planet.

22. I am so proud of and thankful for Mike.

23. I love strawberry shortcake.

24. I could eat pizza every day of the week.

25. I REALLY hate eggs.

26. I am allergic to cats. They make me get blisters on the whites of my eyes.

27. I would rather have a cat around than a stupid mouse any day.

28. I wish Heavenly Father had not created mice, crickets, grasshoppers, mosquitoes and flies.

29. I am really picky about spelling and grammar.

30. Joey's teacher sends notes home with spelling and grammar mistakes and it drives me crazy!

31. I think I'll only wear Crocs shoes from now on. I have 4 pair now.

32. I hate high heels (I love how they look, but they're not worth the pain).

33. I have already started listening to Christmas music.

34. I think our family knew Mike & Mary in the pre-existence.

35. I am proud that I graduated college magna cum laude.

36. I am interested in Family History and would like to have more time to work on it.

37. I hate my double chin (which seems to be getting worse the older I get).

38. I love my mommy and my daddy.

39. I had the best family growing up, better than any other family in the entire world.

40. I have a migraine every month with my period.

41. I can't wait until menopause.

42. I love Thanksgiving.

43. I love Christmas.

44. I love holidays in general.

45. Lasik surgery was one of the best things I ever did. I'm convinced that Jesus healed my blindness with a laser, just like He used mud in the old days.

46. I'm having a hard time thinking of things to write.

47. I have written half of a novel; I wonder if I'll ever finish it.

48. I have always known that Heavenly Father lives and that Jesus is my savior and that they love me.

49. I do a lot of things, but not very well, y'know, jack of all trades but master of none.

50. I can't believe I'm only half way through this list.

51. I went parasailing and I loved it. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

52. I always wanted to go sky diving, but I've kind of decided I don't want to anymore.

53. I love to snorkel, even though I can't swim.

54. I can't keep water out of my nose when I try to swim and I can't tread water.

55. I hate my ugly feet.

56. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I see one of my sisters.

57. I'm going to vote for McCain/Palin.

58. I want a whole bunch of grandchildren.

59. I'd much rather be called Granny than Grandma.

60. I hate the telephone.

61. I miss the days when my girls were little.

62. Sometimes I feel like a teenager inside a 46-year-old body.

63. When I was little, other kids didn't believe that I had 7 grandmas and 3 grandpas, but I did (two grandmas, two grandpas, one great-grandpa, 4 great-grandmas, 1 step great-grandma).

64. When I was little, I couldn't tell my great-grandma Ernstsen from my great-grandma Ellett.

65. When I was little, I thought there were only two religions in the world: Mormon and Catholic.

66. Sometimes I wonder why I am me.

67. I hate that I act so ditzy and stupid sometimes.

68. I wish I had short-term memory.

69. I love autumn. It's my favorite season.

70. I hate being hot, but I also hate being cold. I want to live somewhere where it's 75 degrees all year.

71. At work, I have been parking in the patient parking area for over a year and haven't gotten a ticket. When I get a ticket, I'll start parking legally.

72. I dig sticking needles into people.

73. I have a secret desire to be in the witness protection program and invent a new identity for myself.

74. I don't want a new identity because I love my family and love being part of them.

75. Every Sunday I mess up on the organ at least once.

76. I love the improvements we have made to our house. I am once again in love with my house.

77. I want to live in the Caribbean.

78. I want to go on a cruise about six times a year.

79. I love going out to eat.

80. I want to see the Phantom in Las Vegas again.

81. I like nerdy music that no one else likes.

82. I never send Christmas cards.

83. I hate Christmas shopping.

84. I wish I had no hair on my body from the neck down.

85. It's not a death-wish, but I look forward to dying as my next great adventure. I want someone to put "I'm off on my next adventure" on my tombstone.

86. I love to keep a vegetable garden and I love to eat vegetables (except onions).

87. I would like to live in a huge ancient castle.

88. After my brother died, I was afraid of the dark for about a year.

89. I love the yearly camp-out with all the Albrecht family. I can't wait until next year's!

90. My favorite thing to do ever is to dance.

91. I would like to live back in Utah someday.

92. I love to read.

93. Once I went door-to-door all over a neighborhood in SLC to retrieve a stolen pair of shoes for my little girl; I did get them.

94. I can do anything I really believe I can do.

95. Teeth and mouths gross me out.

96. I would like to be less gossipy.

97. I can't stand the feel of nail files.

98. I have probably been in every public restroom between Denver and Salt Lake.

99. I got a flu shot today.

100. Mike is my best friend.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Before and After

Oops, I mean, after and before.

More pictures of the house

Before the carpet was put in.

Oops! I should have rotated this one. Turn your head sideways to look at it :)

The House Work is Finished (For Now)

The kitchen tile is finished. The painting is finished. The carpet is finished! It looks beautiful and we plan to sit home all winter and enjoy it.

This picture shows the faux painting on the walls, along with a picture of Megan and Andrew. Check out his grin.