Sunday, August 22, 2010

Swimming With the Dolphins

During our catamaran tour of the Napali coast, we saw a bunch (school?) of dolphins. They were beautiful, swimming right alongside our boat.

Kayaking the Wailua River to Secret Falls

On Thursday, Mike and I went on a tour with Ali'i Kayaks. We kayaked two miles up the beautiful Wailua River, then hiked about a mile more to Secret Falls. This entire trip I kept thinking it was unbelievable how beautiful this island is, and this river and jungle certainly fit that description well.That silly little person at the bottom of the waterfall is me. That was without question the most invigorating shower of my life. The fall was so forceful it nearly knocked me to my feet, but I loved it.

Part of our hike. I kept singing "George, George, George of the jungle..." There were even hanging vines we could have swung from.

Here is Mike enjoying the jungle.

Here I am crossing a creek during the hike.

I loved these old, old trees. You can't really tell from the picture how huge they are.

Napali Coast

Mike and I took a catamaran cruise up the Napali coast on the north east side of Kauai. Because the mountains on this side of the island are so rugged, this area can only be seen by helicopter, hiking, or boat. We chose boat and had a wonderful time. After cruising up the coast, we stopped for a while and snorkeled in the beautiful blue water.

If you look closely, you might be able to see that this is Mike snorkeling.

Here we are, after snorkeling (drowned rats). Behind us is an area of the Napali coast called the "cathedral" for obvious reasons.

Here is Mike pretending to captain the boat.

This coast is, like the rest of Kauai, unbelievably beautiful.

Waterfalls are abundant on Kauai. Here is just one of many.

Our catamaran went inside two sea caves. Very exciting!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kauai means BEAUTIFUL!

Here we are in Kauai, Hawaii. I used to think the Caribbean was the most beautiful place on earth, but I'm beginning to think that the Caribbean is second and Kauai is FIRST. This place is absolutely unbelieveable! I've been trying to upload pictures but the computer I'm using is just too slow and the beach is calling...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Grandbaby(s) To Be!!!!!

WOW!!!!! I'm so excited! Our dear daughter Jessica and her husband TJ have completed the IVF process and IT WORKED!

Here is a picture of my two grandbabies that were transferred to Jessie's womb:

Aren't they just absolutely beautiful?? IVF is such a miracle. I am amazed that these two clusters of cells have the awesome and miraculous potential that they have. How may people have pictures of their babies this early in the game?

Jessie had a positive pregnancy test that tells us that at least one of those little sweethearts is thriving and growing. Our family is giddy with happiness and with gratitude to Him who makes life possible. Grow, littles ones, grow!!!!