Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Wonderful Wedding

Friday, May 29, my beautiful daughter Mindy married Jake Hawks. He is a wonderful man and we feel so blessed. All of our daughters chose great husbands. We are happy to have them all in our family. The wedding was absolutely beautiful! I'm still not getting the hang of blogging the pictures in the right order, so these are kind of backwards, but here's a look at the gift table at the end of the evening. Thank you to everyone for supporting our kids.
Jake's car was decorated very tastefully by some of the girls in the wedding.
The food tasted as good as it looked. Yum! (by the way, Hi to Mike B. and thanks for coming!)
Mr. and Mrs. Hawks. May they always be as happy and in love as they are in this picture.
They held hands all through the ceremony.
Walking our little girl down the isle.
Joey was ring bearer and Megan was flower girl. They did a great job and they looked so precious.
Mindy waiting for the ceremony to start. She seemed very calm.
I am so happy for my girl!