Thursday, April 29, 2010


This winter seemed to be extra long and cold and I'm so happy that it's finally spring! I love spring! I am just so happy to see the world awakening and coming back to life that I had to take some pictures in my yard and post them.
The periwinkles that I planted along the driveway the summer that Jessica got married are finally, just this year, starting to look the way I imagined they would for the wedding.

My spinach and snowpeas are coming up in neat little rows. I love to look at my garden from my kitchen window.

My daffodils did very well this year, too. The strawberries are starting to get blooms on them, so I hope we get some good fruit later.

My tulips are almost done already for this year, but they sure were pretty. I only wish they lasted longer.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Shower

Saturday we hosted a baby shower for Mindy at our house. I took a few pictures. Here are some of the guests enjoying the food.

The food was so good! Thanks, Ronda!

And a huge THANK YOU to Angela, Megan, and Andrew for coming over to share in the fun. I love seeing my grandbabies and I miss them so much. It was wonderful to have them here.

Now, which one is really pregnant?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family Centered Maternity Care BOO YAH!!!!

Yippee! Yahoo! My opinion was heard and the visitation policy at work has been changed. Today at work I got the official e-mail that went out to all the staff outlining the new policy. It is now up to the patient who is in her room, as long as the situation is safe. She can have her family, her friends, and her children with her if she so desires. We are still encouraged to keep visitors to a minimum and we are still not allowing children in L&D except the baby's siblings, but the ultimate decision lies with the patient herself, where it should lie.

I'm giddy about this decision. I'm ecstatic about this decision! This is EXACTLY what I wanted to see happen.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No More Latisse

Well, my Latisse story is coming to an end. About two weeks ago, I noticed that my vision was getting very bad. I had lasik surgery several years ago to correct severe near-sightedness and the world was starting to look very fuzzy again. I went to my eye doctor and he said it was not from using Latisse, because he had not heard of that being a side-effect of the product. Then he could not immediately pinpoint what exactly the problem was.

My doctor and I decided to try an experiment. I stopped using Latisse and scheduled another appointment for today. Two days ago, I suddenly noticed that my vision was better again. It's still far from 20/20, but it was like it had been for the last year or so, certainly good enough to get by. Sadly, I began to suspect that the Latisse was indeed the culprit.

I went to the doctor again today and told him my story. He concurred that Latisse was probably the problem. He said my vision was much better than two weeks ago and essentially the same as it was last autumn. He said if I wanted to, I could experiment with Latisse and use it again and see if it had the same effect, but I am not going to do that. I would much, much rather be able to see than have long eyelashes.

It's ironic that just today, my daughter commented on how long my eyelashes were getting. They are certainly longer and darker and thicker than they have ever been in my life. I'm kind of sad to be giving up on the idea of beautiful lashes, but it's just not worth not being able to see.

The good thing, I guess, is that I only bought that one little bottle. The financial investment could have been worse. And I do have great lashes for the time being, until nature replaces them with microscopic blond ones.