Saturday, February 20, 2010

Joey's Getting So Good at Basketball

Joey's team has played together for several weeks now and it's fun to see how much they've improved. I never knew basketball was so complicated, but his coach is teaching them plays that go right over my head. Today, Mike helped coach and, even though the score was not kept, I am certain that our little team won. Joey made three baskets. Here's one really nice swish (keep your eye on number 7):

The players line up facing each other so each player can see who he's supposed to guard. They are so cute pointing to each other. Even with this preparation, they sometimes forget who their man is.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quick Latisse Update - 1 month

I passed my one month anniversary of using Latisse and I have noticed a difference. The last week or so I've been noticing my upper lashes are thicker and just yesterday I noticed they are longer. I don't know if they are longer than they would have been if I had not done extensions or if they have just grown back, recovered from the damage. Anyway, they are definitely longer than they were a month ago, and much thicker. My lashes are still very blond, though. No change in the color, so without mascara I look like I have no lashes at all.

It's been kind of a pain getting used to putting on and washing off mascara again.

I have not noticed any darkening of the skin, like some people report with Latisse. I don't have any irritation or redness, absolutely no negative side effects at all. It actually feels kind of good when I brush on the Latisse, kind of cool and soothing.

I stopped putting it on my lower lashes because I saw a woman on TV who had these long black lower lashes and she looked weird. Plus, I think some of the stuff might migrate to the lower ones anyway.

I am still using the first bottle I bought and it feels like there is plenty left.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pinewood Derby 2010

Here are the proud parents.

Cub Scouts is such a great program and Joey has great leaders that give so much of their time to these precious boys. I appreciate them very, very much!

Joey and Jonathan are hot competitors. Joey won first in the Wolf Den and second in the whole group. Jonathan took first overall.

Look closely... See that blue truck winning!!!!

We have such a cute group of boys!
And one cute girl who held her brother's car.

Here's our little cub scout with his winning truck.

Thank you, Jadie, for the pictures, since I was a dork and forgot my camera.