Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sand Men Are Good Boys

Here's Joey with his friends Josiah and Tajh at the beach. They rolled in the sand to cover themselves, then thought they were pretty cool.
Here's a picture I found on my camera last Sunday. I guess he took this of himself while we were getting ready for church. Tomorrow all three sand men should look like this.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lihue Ward Cultural Night & Talent Show

Tonight was the Lihue Ward cultural night, pot luck dinner and talent show. We were supposed to dress in traditional dress from the country of our ancestry, so I whipped up a pair of lederhosen and dressed as a German. Mike and Joey went dressed as modern-day Americans. Here is a Hawaiian shaka from Frau Kathy, Lee the Scot, and Pepe Le'peu.
The missionaries dressed up as missionaries.
My friend Sharon from work did a western-style skit with her family, compete with her husband walking on his hands.

Lee the Scot played guitar and sang. Our bishop's family did a hula routine. Several other people sang or told jokes. Our missionary from New Zealand did this way-cool thing that I can't describe that quite a few men here know. The only way I know to describe it is that two guys that were from Samoa did it on the Biggest Loser a couple of seasons ago. It's sort of a chant with a dance with cool facial expressions. Clear as mud??
Joey and I have both been learning the ukulele and Joey has gotten good enough that he could have played for the talent show, but we didn't think of it until after we were there. Oh, well. Maybe next time.
P.S. So it's kind of cool how you can learn anything from Google. I just found out what the thing was that the missionary did. This is what I learned: "The Haka is both war chant and challenge. It is characterized by loud chanting, much aggressive flailing of arms and stomping of feet, fierce looks and in the end an angry sticking out of tongues."