Sunday, March 15, 2009

San Antonio

Mike, Joey and I went to San Antonio for spring break. We stayed at the historic St. Anthony Hotel, close to the River Walk. The problem was that it was rainy and COLD the entire time we were there. We had to find indoor things to do, because of the cold weather. We went to the wax museum and Ripley's Believe It or Not museum. They had some very strange exhibits, like this crazy woman's head in a jar.
I appeared on the Dr. Phil show and told him about how our trip was affected by the bad weather.
Mike told Oprah the same story.
I did get to see Johnny Depp, however. He was kinda cute.
And I got to lick Forrest Gump's ear. He was not too pleased.
Joey liked the cannons at the Alamo.
The Alamo history was very interesting and touching.
We had tickets to Sea World and we tried to go. We felt like the Griswold's at Wally World when we saw that ours was nearly the only car in the parking lot. We got soaked and were freezing within a few minutes of arriving.
The pictures don't give justice to the amount of rain that was falling. It was windy and very cold.
After only a few minutes, we said good bye to Sea World, deciding to try it on our next trip instead. Thankfully, the park did give us rain check tickets.

Eating dinner at a restaurant right on the River Walk. You can see the river behind Joey.

I love the River Walk! It is so beautiful.

The lobby in the hotel.

I loved the antique furniture in the lobby and throughout the hotel.

Our room had two king-sized beds. Joey had lots of room to sprawl.
The good news is that we have a FREE trip to San Antonio to use anytime in the future, so maybe the weather will cooperate better next time.